Adding Images and Other Media to the Media Library

The "Media" option on the Dashboard allows you to add media, such as pictures, videos, PDFs, etc. to your CERES website, which can be used in building Pages and Posts. Uploading items in the Media section should not be confused with uploading items to the Digital Repository Service (DRS). The Media upload option in the Dashboard should only be used for items that do not have robust metadata attached to it, or items that you will be using temporarily which will be replaced at a later stage of your project. Furthermore, there are size limits on the kinds of items that can be uploaded through the Media option and so large sized files should be uploaded to the DRS.

Using the Media Library

The Media Library is a feature that allows users to upload content for use in their website. This is an option for users who cannot upload materials to the DRS and cannot locate these items in the DPLA items either.

To upload items to the Media Library, click on "Media" in the Dashboard, and then click "Add New". This will take you to a page where you can upload items to WordPress. After you have uploaded the file, you can add / edit the metadata associated with it by clicking "Media" in the Dashboard and then clicking on the item that you wish to edit. You can also delete the file in this window.

After your items have been uploaded to the Media Library, they will become available for use in CERES under the "Local Items" tab. Here they can be used like any other item in the DRS or the DPLA.

Finding and Using Items from the Digital Public Library of America

The CERES interface allows users to search the Digital Public Library of America's (DPLA) contents and embed images from its contents in your page or post. While you can browse contents directly through CERES, the DPLA's own web-search interface ( provides a superior experience of looking through its vast contents. You can search and identify the items that you would like to use in the DPLA and then locate them easily in the CERES Toolkit for use in your website.

To find specific items in the DPLA through CERES, first visit the item's specific page in the DPLA's website. Next, copy the item's DPLA identifier. This is the string of letters and digits following the "item/" and before the "?" in the single item page's URL (see the image below). Finally, paste this identifier in the CERES search interface and click "Search." This will make that item available for use in your website.

Note: If you add local items using the WordPress "Media Library," they will not behave the same way as other embedded items. Adding these local items using a Toolkit Shortcode, however, means that they will behave like your other items.