Embedding External Media in Your Page or Post

As you put together your page or post, you may decide to embed content from other sites, such as KnightLab StoryMap or YouTube. This is a two-step process. First, you must find or create the content that you intend to embed. Second, you will link that content to your WordPress site.

Getting Your Embed Code

Once you have created the content that you plan to display on your site, you can add it using the embed code.

  • For KnightLab, you can find the embed code via the share code in the top right corner.
  • From there, you will scroll down to “Embed” and copy all the code in the box. (The text will start with "<iframe".)
  • For YouTube, you will find the embed code via the Share button in the description box below the video. (It will be a link in the format of youtu.be.)

Adding External Content to Your WordPress Site

  • Connect to the Northeastern VPN, called GlobalProtect
  • Authenticate with Duo
  • Connect to your class WordPress site, which should look like [something].northeastern.edu
  • Go to Pages or Posts and locate your personal site. (Click here for instructions on how to create a new page.)
  • Add a row with one column for your map. (You can add another row for your essay or other things.)
  • Click the "Add Widget" button, and scroll down to add a "Visual Editor" widget.
  • In the "Text" textbox, paste your embed code.
  • Your content should now be embedded on the site. You can test it using the "Preview" button after clicking "Done."

You may also want to add additional content, such as essays or images, to your WordPress site. For more information on adding content to your pages or posts, click here.

NOTE: If you go back and edit your content, there is no need to copy/paste to embed the code again. Once you've linked your content to your WordPress page, any changes you make will be updated and reflected on the WordPress page and website automatically.

Remember to always save your work. You can preview the page to see how everything looks by clicking the “permalink” above your textbox, or selecting “preview” to the right. Once you’re satisfied, publish your page.