Creating Exhibits with Shortcodes: Display Options for Single Items and Galleries

When you click "Add Toolkit Shortcodes" in the Visual Editor or in Page Builder, you will be given six options in which to display your materials:

  • "Single Item" places one item within the cell.
  • "Tile Gallery" creates a collection of multiple items within the cell.
  • "Gallery Slider" creates a rotating carousel that displays multiple items in the same space.
  • "Media Playlist" displays audio-visual items and curates playlists
  • "Map" displays items on a geographical map based on their location metadata.
  • "Timeline" displays items on a timeline based on the dates recorded in their metadata.

Single Item

The single item display option allows you to select one item for upload.

  • Items from your DRS collection will populate in the DRS tab.
  • Items belonging to the DPLA are found by searching in the DPLA tab.
  • You may also upload local items by selecting the Local Items tab.

You may also adjust size, alignment, captions, and other display options in the Settings tab.


Tile Gallery

The tile gallery display operates in a manner very similar to the single item view, but allows you to display multiple items in various layouts.  Click the Settings tab to choose which layout format you would like to display your materials in.

  • "Pinterest style with caption below" presents the items as approximately the same size, with captions below the item.
  • "Pinterest style with caption on hover" presents the items as the same size, but the caption is hidden until you hover over the item.
  • "Even rows with caption on hover" displays the items in close to their original resolution, while also maintaining the integrity of the rows.
  • "Even Squares with caption on hover" makes the items into equal sized squares.

Gallery Slider

Similar to the Tile Gallery, the Gallery Slider allows you to display multiple items in a rotating carousel. By clicking on the "Settings" tab in the Gallery Slider, you can adjust rotation speed, customize the style in which the items will transition, toggle auto-rotate on or off, and change other settings that affect the manner in which your item will display.