This documentation was written by

Param Ajmera, DSG Research Assistant
Kaley Bachelder, DSG Research Assistant
Abbie Levesque, DSG Coordinator
Gregory Palermo, DSG Research Assistant

CERES: Exhibit Toolkit Staff

Current Staff

Kaley Bachelder, DSG Research Assistant
Caroline Klibanoff, DSG Coordinator
David Cliff, Senior Digital Library Developer
Julia Flanders, Director, Digital Scholarship Group
Greg Palermo, NULab Fellow and DSG Research Assistant
Sarah Payne, DSG Research Assistant
Amanda Rust, Assistant Director, Digital Scholarship Group
Sarah Sweeney, Digital Repository Manager


Param Ajmera, DSG Research Assistant
Colleen Curtis, DSG Research Assistant
Dave DeCamp, NULab Fellow
Abbie Levesque, DSG Coordinator
Jim McGrath, DSG Coordinator
Eli Zoller, Web Developer and Designer

CERES Exhibit Toolkit

This project was created on a customized WordPress instance using the CERES Exhibit Toolkit. These tools, as well as archival, hosting, and support systems, are provided by the Northeastern University Library Digital Scholarship group. The DSG specializes in the Digital Humanities and helps faculty, staff, and students in the Northeastern community showcase their projects to the public.